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Wolf Hoffmann (born December 10, 1959 in Mainz, Germany) grew up in Wuppertal. He is primarily kent as guitarist in the German hivy metal baund Accept syne 1976.[1] In 1997, he released the album Classical wi rock versions o classical pieces. He contributit tae Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach's solo album Bring 'Em Bach Alive! an tae a 2000 Japanese tribute tae Randy Rhoads album cried Randy Rhoads Tribute wi Sebastian Bach on "I Don't Know" an wi Joe Lynn Turner on "Diary of a Madman". Hoffmann an aa contributit tae Peace Breaker bi Skew Siskin.

He haes loved photography as a hobby early on, an eventually made it his seicont career. He teuk the cover photo for Objection Overruled. Durin Accept's hiatus frae 1997, Hoffmann haes wirked as a professional photographer (wabsteid leetit belaw). He is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, but an aa maintains a residence in Berlin, Germany.

Wolf Hoffmann is marriet tae Gaby Hoffmann (née Hauke), who uised tae be Accept's manager. Gaby Hauke contributit tae Accept's sangwritin unner the pseudonym Deaffy.

Accept reformed wi Hoffmann on board in 2009. Their comeback album, Blood of the Nations, wis released August 20, 2010 tae owerwhelmingly positive reviews. They are plannin tae make anither album in the futur.[2]

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