Stefan Schwarzmann

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Stefan Schwarzmann
Stefan Schwarzmann.jpg
Stefan Schwarzmann performing at Kavarna Rock Fest 2013.
Background information
Born (1965-11-11) 11 November 1965 (age 57)
GenresPower metal, hivy metal
Associate actsAccept
Running Wild

Stefan Schwarzmann (born 11 November 1965,[1] Erlangen) is a German drummer who haes recordit for Accept,[2] U.D.O.,[1][3] Running Wild,[1][3] X-Wild, Krokus an Helloween.[4] Schwarzmann jynt Helloween as a replacement for depairtin drummer Mark Cross in 2003. Awtho Stefan got on well wi the members o the baund, he haed ither muisical preferences. As a result, he chose tae leave Helloween efter the Rabbits on the Run Tour in early 2005.

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