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Peter Baltes

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Peter Baltes
Background information
Born4 Aprile 1958
Solingen, Germany
GenresHard rock, hivy metal
ThriftMuisicker, sangwriter
Years active1976-present
LabelsNuclear Blast
Associate actsAccept, John Norum, Dokken

Peter Baltes, born 4 Aprile 1958 in Solingen, is a German hard rock an hivy metal muisicker. He is a memmer o the German hivy metal group Accept, that he played as bassist wi on 15 albums, sellin mair nor 17 million records aroond the warld. He made minor contributions as a lead vocalist an aa wi Accept on their early albums an on the album Predator fae 1996.[1]

Ither recordin credits

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  • Votit #1 bass player in Burn Magazine reader's poll o 1985
  • Votit best bass player in Europe for Metal Hammer magazine in 1985.


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