Stefan Kaufmann

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Stefan Kaufmann wis born August 4, 1960, Solingen, Germany. He joined Accept as drummer early enough tae appear on the cover photos for their debut, but too late tae record the drums for the album (that wis done bi Frank Friedrich).[1] He haed tae give up drummin towards the end o Accept's career due tae health problems.[2]

Kaufmann haes produced the live albums Staying a Life an All Areas - Worldwide for Accept an contributit significantly tae Accept's sangwritin.[3] He haes wirked extensively as a record producer for ither baunds.[4] He produced or co-produced ivery U.D.O. album frae 1990 til present.[5]

Kaufmann wis the drummer for Accept on nine albums.[6]

Kaufmann joined Accept's sangster Udo Dirkschneider in his baund U.D.O. as guitar player in 1996, follaein Accept's seicont breakup, an haes recordit seiven albums wi them.[7] On 13 September 2012, it wis annooncit that Kaufman haes ceased playin in U.D.O. for "halth raisons", though he will continue tae wirk wi the baund in ither capacities.[8]

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