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Uiser collogue:Kaybeesquared

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Walcome![eedit soorce]

Hullo, Kaybeesquared, an walcome til the Wikipedie! Guid tae see ye. Thank ye for yer contribution. Some gibbles ye'll find uissfu:

Bi gaun throu the Commontie Yett ye'll can find aw kynd o wittins adae wi uisin an eikin til the Wikipedie. For tae hae a sey shottie, veesit oor Saundpit.

Dinna haud yer wheesht, haud yer ain!MJLTauk 16:04, 14 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

Scance ower[eedit soorce]

Information icon Thanks fir yer contributions tae Wikipedia. If ye're gonnae mak mair chynges please uise the scance ower button afore ye publish yer chynges gin ye can; ye can find ony errours ye may hae made and ye'll no clog up recent chynges and the page history. Ye'll alsa help stop edit conflicts. Ablo the edit box is a Scance ower button. When ye press this this button ye can see wit the airticle wid luik like wi yer chynges withoot savin the page.

The Scance ower button can be fun aside the Publish chynges button and ablo the ootline field.

Ye shuid uise this afore ye save yer chynges. If ye've got ony questions, ye can ask fir help at the help desk. Thank ye. my_hat_stinks (tauk) 16:07, 15 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

Thank ye @my_hat_stinks (en) I am guy sorry fir ony problems. Best wishes tae Scots Wiki. Thank ye all. Kaybeesquared (tauk) 18:46, 15 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

(in Inglis) Next editathon![eedit soorce]

Hey there, as a previous attendee of a Scots Wiki editathon, I thought you might like to know about the December event, Sat 12 & Sun 13th. In addition to the usual wiki support, this month I'm really excited to say that we'll have language support in place from the Scots Language Centre, who'll be online between 12-3 on Zoom on Saturday with us to help with any of your queries. 

There are as always jobs that non/lower level Scots speakers can do - articles always need things like citations, categories, wikilinks & images.  There's a lot of work like this to be done, and it's all really valuable!

Hope to see you there! Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 13:43, 8 Dizember 2020 (UTC)

(in Inglis) Sunday 13th December - extra zoom session with the Scots Language Centre![eedit soorce]

We've added another session for the editathon this weekend, with the folks from the SLC. Join us on Zoom for editing 12-3 on Sunday now too; we can help with wiki and language queries :) Book your place on Eventbrite here. Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 16:35, 11 Dizember 2020 (UTC)

Aye... Mony thanks K Kaybeesquared (tauk) 10:35, 27 Januar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

(in Inglis) January editathon[eedit soorce]

Just a wee reminder that the next scots wiki editathon takes place this weekend, Sat 30 & Sun 31 January. If you'd like help improving your written scots skills, then folks from the Scots Language Centre will be on Zoom on Saturday (15:00-17:00 GMT) and Sunday (12:00-14:00 GMT) to do some collaborative editing, and I'll be around to help with any wiki queries. Feedback last time was that the language support was really helpful (and fun!), and we'd love to see you. We're looking mainly at improving articles to do with politics, particularly articles about politicians. More info, article lists, and sign up details on the event page: Wikipedia:Scots Wikipedia Editathon Januar 2021. Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 10:04, 27 Januar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

(in Inglis) Thanks for taking part in the January editathon![eedit soorce]

Just as it says above - thanks for taking part. You can see the results of January's event here, I reckon we did pretty well. Hope to see you at the next one! Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 18:05, 3 Februar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Great well done all super images now too. Hope to help again if I can..

Kaybeesquared (tauk) 20:28, 3 Februar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

template re non-Scots speaker[eedit soorce]

stub for politicians[eedit soorce]

online Scots dictionary[eedit soorce]


In Inglis - Scots STEM and Nurses[eedit soorce]

Suggested articles

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/June_Almeida - named coronavirus

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nora_Wattie - public health doctor

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joyce_Baird_%28diabetologist%29 - diabetes specialist

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winifred_W._Logan - nurse theorist (with Tierney and Roper)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elsie_Cassels - ornithologist

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alison_J._Tierney - nurse theorist (worked in Scotland)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrietta_Tayler - writer on Jacobites and nurse (including in 1918 influenza)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Davidson_%28suffragist%29 - volunteer nurse in WW1 Scottish women's hospitals

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Drever - chemist and International Brigade

Wiki Library[eedit soorce]


Scots barnstar![eedit soorce]

The Scots Barnstar
This barnstar is bein gien as an awaird tae ken yer contreebution tae the Scots wiki bi gien a haun in the Januar 2022 Writin Drive Lirazelf (tauk) 17:38, 26 Januar 2022 (UTC)[Replie]
Mony thanks @Lirazelf twas braw fun doin it thegither. Kaybeesquared (tauk) 18:14, 26 Januar 2022 (UTC)[Replie]
Lirazelf (tauk) 17:38, 26 Januar 2022 (UTC)[Replie]

Heidins[eedit soorce]

Jist sae ye ken, makin ae heidin (==exemple==) automatically maks the text bold, sae nae need ti format it, an ti shift stuff sae it's nae bein squished uise {{clear}} ({{clear|left}} is advisable)

(en) Just so you know, making a heading (==example==) automatically makes text bold, so no need to format it, and to move stuff so it's not being squished use {{clear}} CiphriusKane (tauk) 15:50, 24 Januar 2024 (UTC)[Replie]

michty helpful - thank ye Kaybeesquared (tauk) 23:06, 24 Januar 2024 (UTC)[Replie]

Question[eedit soorce]

Hi, I see your user page says you don't speak Scots. If you don't speak Scots, why are you writing here? Foxes die! (tauk) 16:28, 27 Juin 2024 (UTC)[Replie]

Hi there @Foxes die!. @Kaybeesquared is a Scots speaker, and is learning more about written Scots. She's taking part in this month's writing drive, and is always careful to check her work with other Scots speakers. Please remember to assume good faith. Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 17:06, 27 Juin 2024 (UTC)[Replie]
Ok, I understand. Thank you to @Sara Thomas (WMUK) for your reply and thank you to @Kaybeesquared for updating your user page. Foxes die! (tauk) 17:42, 27 Juin 2024 (UTC)[Replie]
Thank you for your reply.
Kaybeesquared (tauk) 18:07, 27 Juin 2024 (UTC)[Replie]