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30 Earl Haig Gardens, Trinity Edinburgh with memorial plaque

Christian Frederik Salvesen (1827–1911), wis the Norse-born foonder o the Christian Salvesen shipping line o Leith.[1] He wis bidan at 20 Charlotte Street in Leith, whaur he forby wrocht in his early days in Scotland. The faimily flittit tae Catherine Bank House on Newhaven Road an his fortuins increased.[2] His faimily donatit a pairt o their lands fir hooses fir the skaitht men and faimilies efter Warld War I, as a memorial tae his kin and ithers, wha wis killt in the conflict.[3] Hoose nummer 30 haes a memorial plaque tae Christian Raymond Salvesen, Lieut. Royal Scots, wha dee'd in the Gretna Railway disaster 22 May 1915, aged 24 year auld.

The hooses wis named Earl Haig Gairdens, efter Field Marshall Haig, wha cam tae appen the site on 1 October 1921.[3]

Earl Haig Gardens, memorial hooses

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