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Toyota Platz

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2000–2002 Toyota Echo coupe

The Toyota Platz is a subcompact automobile that wis manufactured in Japan bi Toyota frae 1999 throu tae 2005, when replaced bi the Toyota Belta. Designatit bi Toyota as the XP10 series, the Platz wis sauld in export mercats as aither the Toyota Echo or Toyota Yaris. The "Echo" an "Yaris" names wur an aa gien tae the export version o the relatit Japanese mercat Toyota Vitz hatchback, frae which the Platz derives.

"Platz" is German for "square" (as in a toun square). Anerlie inline-fower ingines wur fittit tae the Platz, which wis sauld in Japan as a fower-door sedan anerlie. A coupe wis an aa available in North Americae whaur the caur wis badged "Echo".

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pre-facelift: Toyota Platz sedan (Japan)
Facelift: Toyota Echo sedan (Australie)

The Echo wis introduced in North Americae in 1999 as for the 2000 model year in coupé an sedan guises. The Echo's running gear is shared wi the ist an Toyota bB, sauld in the Unitit States as the Scion xA an xB respectively, an the Japan-anerlie Toyota Will Vi. The same platform is the base for the Japanese-anerlie Probox an Succeed wagons.

In the Unitit States, the Echo sauld 50,000 examples, wi juist hauf that mony in 2003. The Echo wis an element o Toyota Project Genesis, a failed effort tae bring younger buyers tae the marque in the Unitit States. The Echo sauld in heich volumes in Canadae, whaur smawer cars are mair popular than in the US. In Canadae, Toyota an aa affered 3- an 5-door versions o the Echo, which wis identical tae the European-mercat Toyota Vitz, awtho thay went on sale as 2004 models tae repalace the Toyota Echo coupe (last sauld in Canadae efter the 2002 model year). As a response for Toyota bringin Echo hatchbacks tae Canadae, the Toyota Echo coupe wis last sauld in Canadae as a 2002 model, but remained on sale in the United States till endin production as a 2005 model, alang wi the sedan. It wis the predecessor tae the current North American Toyota Yaris, sharin mony identical features, sic as the odd (an somewha controversial) center placement o the speedometer an gauges, as opposed tae in front o the steerin wheel. Pouer options on the Echo are a rare find. Maist are juist equipped wi manual windaes an locks, A/C, an a sax speaker audio seestem wi a CD an/or a cassette player.

The Echo is kent for its quite ootstandin fuel economy, wi EPA estimates o 41 mpg Hwy an 34 mpg Ceety.

In some pairts o Sootheast Asie (no includin Hong Kong an Japan), a modified version o the Platz wi different body panels is sauld unner the name Toyota Vios.

The 2010 edition o Monash University's Used Car Safety Ratings (UCSR), foond that the XP10 provides a "poor" (twa oot o five starns) level o occupant safety pertection in the event o an accident.[1]

US sales[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2000 – 48,876
  • 2001 – 42,464
  • 2002 – 30,859
  • 2003 – 26,167
  • 2004 – 3,899
  • 2005 – 1,544

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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