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The Toyota Ipsum, Picnic, SportsVan or Avensis Verso is a seiven-seater multi-purpose vehicle produced bi the Japanese automaker Toyota.

First generation[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first generation, named Ipsum in Japan an Picnic an SportsVan in export markets, wis biggit frae 1995–2001, wi export versions arrivin in 1996. It haed a choice o twa inline fower-cylinder petrol ingines wi DOHC an 16 valves, rangin frae 1.8 tae 2.0 L, as well as 2.2 Diesel ingine.

Seicont genetation[eedit | eedit soorce]

The seicont generation, based on the Toyota Avensis platform, wis introduced in 2001 in Japan an Europe, whaur it is nou cried Avensis Verso. It features an enlarged wheelbase an inner room for seiven seats. Besides the 2.0 an 2.4 L petrol ingines, it an aa featurt a 2.0 L 116 PS (85 kW) D-4D turbodiesel ingine.

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