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Coordinates: 36°17′51″N 139°22′05″E / 36.2975685°N 139.368058°E / 36.2975685; 139.368058

Native name
Industrie Automobile manufacturin
Foondit Julie 15, 1953; 64 years ago (1953-07-15)[1][2]
Foonder Kenji Kita
Chikuhei Nakajima (predecessor)
Heidquarters Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Aurie served
Key fowk
Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, (representative director, preses an CEO)
Jun Kondo, (representative director & vice-preses)
Products Automobiles
Production ootpit
Increase 1,065,000 units (2017)[3]
Revenue Increase¥3325.99 billion (2017)[4]
Decrease¥410.81 billion (2017)[4]
Decrease¥282.35 billion (2017)[4]
Tot assets Increase¥ 2762.321 billion (2017)[4]
Tot equity Increase¥ 1480.08 billion (2017)[4]
Parent Subaru Corporation
Diveesions Subaru Tecnica International
Wabsteid Subaru Global

Subaru; スバル, (Inglis pronunciation: /ˈsuːbəruː/ 'SOO'-bə-roo) is the automobile manufacturin division o Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI).

Subaru is internaitionally kent for their use of boxer engines in most of their vehicles abuin 1500cc as well as their use of the All wheel drive drivetrain layout, first introduced in 1972, that became staundart equipment for mid-size an smawer caurs in maist internaitional markets as o 1996. They an aa affer mony turbochairged versions o their passenger caurs, such as the Subaru Impreza WRX.

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