Toyota Brevis

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Brevis - Showroom Model

The Toyota Brevis is a mid-sized luxury sedan introduced in Mey 2001 an sauld anerlie in Japan. The Brevis haes some stylin cues frae the Lexus LS 430. Sales stairtit in Juin, 2001. The Brevis wis discontinued in 2007.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Toyota Brevis is based on the Progres, which wis launcht hauf a year afore the Altezza/Lexus IS wi a seemilar platform. Unlik Progres, the new Brevis aims at younger customers, wi Toyota sayin it is intendit tae compete directly wi imports lik the BMW 3-series an Mercedes C-Class. The chassis an pouertrain is seemilar tae the Progres, wi altered exterior stylin an a differently trimmed interior. The heidlamps consists o three roond teep beams. The feelin o luxury an elegant space is reflectit bi uisin the gless green lichtin for the speedometer an the clock. The stylish centre console hooses a LCD monitor an an alloy-effect soond seestem which consists o a on-dash CD chynger, DVD an MD playback, wi 7 speakers on the tap model.

The Brevis is based on the same rear-drive platform as Lexus IS, wi wheelbase extendit tae 2,780 mm (109.4 in). In terms o size an wecht, it staund atween a BMW 3-series an 5-series, sae cabin space is plenty. Housomeivver, dynamically speakin it can haurdly match the European rivals (in Toyota's brand images, that role is left for Lexus tae fulfill), awtho rides on dooble-wishbones suspensions. Suspension is set softer than the Lexus, steerin is less direct, an its 1,550 kg (3,417 lb) kerb wecht an aa hurt handlin agility.

Thare are twa choices o pouer plant: 2.5-litre or 3.0-litre straucht-sax baith front mountit, pumpin oot 200 hp (150 kW) an 220 hp (160 kW) respectively. Baith are equipped wi VVT-i an D-4 direct injection. It comes this wi 5-speed AT (2WD car) or 4-speed AT (4WD car) options, in which the 4WD option is anerlie available for the 2.5 litre model.

Ither options includes pouer adjustable pedal, in which pedal poseetions can be adjustit tae suit the drivers' drivin posture, the poseetion o pedal, steerin wheel an driver’s seat are memorized. Thare is an' a' an electric rear sunshade an a radar guided cruise control seestem tae ensure a safe follaein distance tae the caur ahead in correspondence tae the travelin speed. Aw thir are staundart equipments. An aa includit are the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) seestem, ABS, an heich intensity dischairge (HID) heid lamps.

The later models wis improved in Aprile 2004 as the prestigious mesh grille design wis adoptit for the front grille. The models efter December 2005 comes wi EMV (wi colour backin guide monitor & windae shade corner monitor) an an' a' a DVD vyce navigation seestem for G-BOOK an NAVI.AI-SHIFT (no applicable for 4WD models.)