Toyota Noah

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Toyota Noah
2nd generation Toyota Noah.jpg
Manufacturer Toyota
Also cried Toyota Voxy
Toyota NAV1 (Indonesie)
Production 2001-present
Body and chassis
Cless MPV
Body style 5-door MPV
Layoot Front ingine, front-wheel drive/fower-wheel drive

2.0 L 1AZ-FSE I4 DI

2.0 L 3ZR-FE I4 DI
Transmission CVT
Wheelbase 2,825 mm (111.2 in)
Weenth 1,695 mm (66.7 in)
Hicht 1,850 mm (73 in)
Crib wecht 1,500 kg (3,300 lb)
Predecessor Toyota LiteAce Noah

The Toyota Noah is an aicht-seater MPV wi twa rear slidin doors biggit bi Toyota Motor Company an sauld anerlie in Asie. A five-seater version withoot the third seat row is available (YY grade). Its predecessor wis the Toyota Liteace Noah. The Noah haes a twin version named Toyota Voxy, Toyota Voxy has lower ground clearance than the Toyota Noah, sae it whiles interferes with speed-bumps.

The Toyota Noah has class- leading performance. Its 154 hp ingine takes 9.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h (60 mph) up to a top speed o 175 km/h. It has a smoother ride an better handling than the last generation Noah.

First launched in 2001, it is poseetioned ablo the Estima an Alphard, an 'boon the Sienta. Consequently, its main competitors ar the Honda StepWGN an the Nissan Serena.

The current design o the Noah wis released in 2007. This version haes a 2.0 L petrol direct injection ingine, CVT an standard front wheel drive or available 4WD.

For model year 2007 on Japanese models anerlie, G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, is offered as an option.

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