Toyota Hilux

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2005–2008 Toyota Hilux (GGN15R) SR5 Xtra Cab 2-door utility (Australie)

The Toyota Hilux is a series o compact pickup trucks produced an marketit bi the Toyota Motor Corporation. Maist kintras uised the Hilux name for the entire life o the series but in North Americae, the Hilux name wis retired in 1976 in favor o Truck, Pickup Truck, or Compact Truck. In North Americae the popular option package, the SR5 (Sport Rally 5-Speed), an aa became synonymous wi the truck, even tho the option package wis an aa uised on ither Toyota models as well. In 1984, the Trekker, the camper version o the Hilux, wis renamed as the 4Runner in Australie an North Americae, an as the Hilux Surf in Japan. In 1995, Toyota introduced a new pickup model, the Tacoma in the Unitit States, discontinuin the Hilux/Pickup thare. The 4Runner is nou a full SUV, an the mair recent models dae no resemble the Tacoma.