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Smolyan Province

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Smolyan Province

Област Смолян
Location o Smolyan Province in Bulgarie
Location o Smolyan Province in Bulgarie
 • GovrenorStefan Staykov
 • Total3,192.8 km2 (1,232.7 sq mi)
 (February 2011)[2]
 • Total120,567
 • Density38/km2 (98/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
License plateCM

Smolyan Province (Bulgarie: Област Смолян - Oblast Smolyan, former name Smolyan okrug) is a province in soothren-central Bulgarie, locatit in the Rhodope Muntains, neebourin Greece tae the sooth. It is namit efter its admeenistrative an industrial centre - the ceety o Smolyan. The province embraces a territory o 3,192.8 km²[1] that is dividit intae 10 municipalities wi a total population o 124,795 inhabitants, as o December 2009.[2][3][4]


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Municipalities o Smolyan province

The Smolyan province (Област, oblast) contains 10 municipalities[5] (singular: община, obshtina - plural: Общини, obshtini). The follaein table shows the names o each municipality in Scots an Cyrillic, the main toun or veelage (touns are shown in bauld), an the population o each as o December 2009.

Municipality Cyrillic Pop.[2][3][4] Toun/Veelage Pop.[3][6][7][8][9]
Banite Баните 4,972 Banite 1,047
Borino Борино 3,618 Borino 2,516
Chepelare Чепеларе 8,045 Chepelare 5,412
Devin Девин 13,204 Devin 7,054
Dospat Доспат 9,526 Dospat 2,604
Madan Мадан 12,606 Madan 6,007
Nedelino Неделино 7,577 Nedelino 4,641
Rudozem Рудозем 9,801 Rudozem 3,583
Smolyan Смолян 43,186 Smolyan 31,718
Zlatograd Златоград 12,260 Zlatograd 7,110


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The Miraculous bridges

The Smolyan province haed a population o 140,066[10][11] accordin tae the 2001 census, o which 48.8% wur male an 51.2% wur female.[12] As o the end o 2009, the population o the province, annooncit bi the Bulgarie Naitional Statistical Institute, numbered 124,795[2] of which 23.4% are inhabitants aged over 60 years.[13]

The follaein table represents the chynge o the population in the province efter Warld War II:

Haskovo Province
Year 1946 1956 1965 1975 1985 1992 2001 2005 2007 2009 2011
Population 111,193 145,072 160,255 156,157 158,011 154,553 140,066 131,010 128,200 124,795 120,567
Soorces: Naitional Stateestical Institute,[2] „Census 2001“,[3] „Census 2011“,[4] „pop-stat.mashke.org“,??


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The Smolyan province alang wi the Kardzhali Province is a province whare the predominant releegion is Islam. Housomeivver, unlike Kardzhali whare the majority o the population is Turkis, the Muslim population o the Smolyan province is made up amaist entirely o Muslim Bulgaries.

Releegious adherence in the province accordin tae 2001 census:[14]

Census 2001
releegious adherence population %
Orthodox Christians 41,599 29.70%
Muslims 58,758 41.95%
Roman Catholics 100 0.07%
Protestants 93 0.06%
Ither 513 0.37%
Releegion no mentioned 39,003 27.85%
total 140,066 100%

In the 2001 census, 135,761 fowk frae the Smolyan province identifee'd ane o the follaein as their mither tongue (wi percentage o total population): 129,181 Bulgarie (92.2%), 5,782 Turkis (4.1%), 532 Roma (Gypsy) (0.4%) an 266 ither (0.2%).[10]

Ethnic groups

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In the 2001 census, 132,654 fowk frae the Smolyan province identife'd thairsels as belangin tae ane o the follaein ethnic groups (wi percentage o total population):[11]

Ethnic group Population Percentage
Bulgarie 122,806 87.677%
Turkis 6,212 4.435%
Roma (Gypsy) 686 0.49%
Roushie 111 0.079%
Armenie 42 0.03%
Greek 13 0.009%
Ukrainian 27 0.019%
Jewish 1 0.001%
Romanian 1 0.001%
Ither 55 0.039%


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The economy o the province is based on tourism, minin, timber an machine industries an livestock raisin. The main crops o the region are potatoes (aboot 30% o the naitional production), rye an barley; but sheep, pigs an cattle are o greater importance for the agricultur. In the eastren pairts o the province are locatit mair nor 20 lead an zinc mines, which form ane o the maist extensive ore deposits in the Balkans. The dense coniferous forests are prerequisite for well developed timber industrie in Dospat, Smolyan, Devin. In Smolyan there are big plants producin machine tuils an ither machinery, while textile industrie is mainly developit tae the east in Nedelino, Zlatograd, Madan an Rudozem. There is a synthetic rubber plant in Madan an aw.

Nouadays, tourism is the backbane o the economy, especially in winter due tae the excellent ski resorts o Pamporovo an Chepelare; haein been completely renovatit an modrenizit. The anerlie factory for skiin equipment is locatit in Chepelare an employs 400 fowk. The mineral springs in Devin an Beden are vera popular amang tourists. The bonnie, unspoilt natur an the spectacular gorges, rock brigs an caves attract mony fowk frae aroond the kintra as well as foreign tourists, while the numerous dams are popular wi campers an fishermen.

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