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Saskatoon is a ceety in central Saskatchewan, Canadae, on the Sooth Saskatchewan River. Residents o the ceety o Saskatoon are cried Saskatonians. The ceety is surroondit bi the Rural Municipality of Corman Park No. 344.

Saskatoon is the maist populous ceety in the province o Saskatchewan, an haes been syne the mid-1980s when it surpassed the provincial caipital o Regina.[1] The ceety haed a population o 202,340 in the Canadae 2006 Census,[2] wi a civic estimate o 224,300 in 2010.[3] The ceety's census metropolitan aurie haed a population o 233,923 in the 2006 Census.[4] Statistics Canada estimatit Saskatoon's CMA population as 265,259 as o Julie 1, 2010.[5]

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Saskatoon [in Cree: sâskwatôn, "Saskatoon" or the locatives: misâskwatôminihk, lit: "at the saskatoon berry", misâskwatôminiskâhk, "at the place o mony saskatoon berries", mînisihk "at the berry"] comes frae the Cree inanimate noun misâskwatômina "saskatoon berries", which refers tae the sweet, violet-coloured berry that grows in the aurie. It is an aa popularly described as the "Brig Ceety," for its seiven river crossins.[6]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main airticle: History o Saskatoon
Barr Colonists in 1903.

In 1882, the Toronto-based Temperance Colonization Society wis grantit 21 sections o land straddlin the Sooth Saskatchewan River, atween wha is nou Warman an Dundurn.[7] The aim o the group wis tae escape the liquor trade in that ceety an set up a "dry" community in the Prairie region.[7] The follaein year settlers, led bi John Lake, arrived on the site o wha is nou Saskatoon an established the first permanent settlement.[7] The settlers travelled bi railway frae Ontario tae Moose Jaw an then completit the final leg via horse-drawn caurt as the railway haed yet tae be completit tae Saskatoon.[7]

In 1885 the Northwast Rebellion affectit the tiny community in a variety o ways. Chief Whitecap an Charles Trottier passed through the present day Varsity campus on their way tae join Louis Riel's airmed forces at Batoche, Saskatchewan. Follaein the fechtin at the Battle o Fish Creek, an the Battle o Batoche, woundit Canadian sodgers convalesced at the Marr Residence which is the day a historic site. A few dee'd in care an wur buried in the Pioneer Cemetery near the Exhibition Grunds.

A toun chairter for the wast side o the river wis obtained in 1903 (Nutana became a veelage in that year). In 1906 Saskatoon became a ceety wi a population o 4,500, which includit the communities o Saskatoon, Riversdale, an Nutana. In 1955 Montgomery Place an in 1956 the neighbourin toun o Sutherland wur annexed bi the fast growin Ceety o Saskatoon.[8]

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

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