Sant Quirze del Vallès

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Sant Quirze del Vallès is a toun in the comarca o the Vallès Occidental, province o Barcelona, Catalonie.

It is locatit aboot 12 miles awa frae the caipital ceety, Barcelona. Sant Quirze is a residential toun populatit bi approximately 18,000 fowk, an haes grown syne the end o the 90s onwards. It shares borders wi Sabadell, Rubí, Terrassa an Sant Cugat, amang ithers, which are important touns athin the Barcelona aurie, syne they shape Catalonie's maist important industrial aurie an probably Spain's an aw.

Sant Quirze del Vallès is locatit near the muntain range o the Serra dels Galliners. It haes direct access tae C58 heich-gate tae Barcelona, amang ithers like C58 Manresa an AP7 heich-gate tae Girona, Tarragona an Lleida.

Coordinates: 41°32′05″N 2°04′56″E / 41.53472°N 2.08222°E / 41.53472; 2.08222