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La Llacuna

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Coat o airms o La Llacuna.

La Llacuna is a municipality o 884 inhabitants (2003), locatit in the comarca o Anoia, in the province o Barcelona, Catalonie, Spain.

La Llacuna

It is a tourist toun; nearby destinations include Igualada, the Vilafranca del Penedès wine route, an the Monastery o Montserrat.


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Altitude: 615 m. Surface: 52,49 km² Information Phone: (0034) 938976063

Annual events

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Annual events include:

  • Potada (date varies, uisually in Apryle)
  • Aplec del Castell: The last Sunday o Mey.
  • Fira de Sant Andreu: the first Sunday o Dizember
  • Pessebre Vivent: a full-scale, live tableau o scenes frae Bethlehem at the time o the birth o Jesus. Seicont or third Sunday in Dizember.

A local specialty is carquinyolis a teep o cookie. Bars an restaurants include:

  • Restaurants
    • Ca l'Americano
    • Cal Tiquets
    • La Bona teca
  • Bars
    • Cal Joan
    • La pansa
    • el Trull (closed, at present)

Freemit airtins

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Coordinates: 41°28′27″N 1°32′3″E / 41.47417°N 1.53417°E / 41.47417; 1.53417