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Els Hostalets de Pierola

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Els Hostalets de Pierola
Els Hostalets de Pierola is located in Catalonie
Els Hostalets de Pierola
Els Hostalets de Pierola
Location in Catalonie
Coordinates: 41°32′8″N 1°46′19″E / 41.53556°N 1.77194°E / 41.53556; 1.77194Coordinates: 41°32′8″N 1°46′19″E / 41.53556°N 1.77194°E / 41.53556; 1.77194
Country Spain
Commonty Catalonie
 • MayorJordi Calpe Carbonell
 • Total33.49 km2 (12.93 sq mi)
474 m (1,555 ft)
 • Total2,426
 • Density72/km2 (190/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

Els Hostalets de Pierola is a Spaingie municipality situatit in the autonomous commonty o Catalonie, province o Barcelona, Spain.

The municipality includes the veelages o Els Hostalets de Pierola, els Boscos de Can Martí, Can Fontimarc, Can Fonsalba, Can Gras, Can Marcet, Can Rovira de l'Estela, Pierola and Serra Alta.


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The castle o Pierola, o which naithing remains, wis citit in documents in 963. It belangit tae the vicecoonty o Barcelona frae the tent tae the thirteent century. In 1286 it wis gien bi Alfonso II o Aragon tae Asbert o Mediona. In 1698 Pau Ignasi o Dalmases bocht the barony o Pierola. Efterwairds it remained in the haunds o the Fontcuberta faimily who kept it till the end o the manorialism

The municipality became internaitionally famous acause o the 2002 discovery o a Miocene primate, the Pierolapithecus catalaunicus, a fossil o great interest for human evolution. The genus wis namit efter the municipality.

Main sichts

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The kirk o the municipality is dedicatit tae Saunt Peter (Sant Pere) an wis constructit in 1852 in the place in which a auncient Roman temple wis foond. The kirk o Pierola, dedicatit tae Saunt Peter an aw, is o Roman oreegin an appears in documents from 1060. Near the border wi the municipality o Collbató (Baix Llobregat comarca), a hermitage, Roman an aw, dedicatit tae Saunt Christopher o Canyelles wis describit as early as 1033.

Els Hostalets de Pierola celebrates its major festival in Julie. In September a festival o wine taks place.


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The principal economic activity is dryland fermin, especially cereal an wine. Thare are smaw industries an aw.

Currently, as a consequence o the poleetical development unner the umwhile mayor Pedro Barbado (PSC), this municipality haes ane o the maist important steids o trash an ither storage in aw o Catalonie, which is nou ane o the major sources o income for the municipality.

Twin touns

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