Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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Royal Borough of
Kensington and Chelsea
Kensington and Chelsea shown athin Greater Lunnon
Kensington and Chelsea shown athin Greater Lunnon
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Constituent kintraIngland
Ceremonial coontyGreater Lunnon
StatusLunnon burgh, Ryal burgh
Admin HQKensington
Incorporatit1 Aprile 1965
 • TeepLunnon borough cooncil
 • BodiKensington and Chelsea London Borough Council
 • LeadershipLeader & Cabinet (Conservative)
 • MayorCllr James Husband
 • MPsGreg Hands (Con)
Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Con)
 • Lunnon AssemblyKit Malthouse (Con) AM for West Central London
 • EU ParliamentLunnon
 • Total12.13 km2 (4.68 sq mi)
Area rank325t (o 326)
 (mid-2016 est.)
 • Rank121st (o 326)
 • Ethnicity[1]
39.3% White Breetish

2.3% White Erse
28.9% Ither White
1.1% White & Black Caribbean
0.7% White & Black African
1.9% White & Asie
2% Ither Mixed
1.6% Indie
0.6% Pakistani
0.5% Bangladeshi
4.8% Ither Asie
2.1% Black Caribbean
3.5% Black African
1% Ither Black
2.5% Cheenese

3.1% Ither
Time zoneUTC0 (GMT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (BST)
Area code(s)020
Polis forceMetropolitan Polis

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, aften abbreviate tae RBKC, is a central Lunnon burgh o Ryal burgh status. It is the walthiest burgh in Ingland bi some distance.

It is an urban aurie an wis namit in the 2001 census as the maist densely populatit local authority in the Unitit Kinrick, wi a population o 158,919 at 13,244 per square kilometre (the land aurie is thareaboot 12 square kilometre, makkin it the smawest o the Lunnon boroughs, excludin the Ceety o Lunnon).

The borough is immediately wastlins o the Ceety o Wastmeenster, whilk is at the hert o modren Lunnon, an eastlins o Hammersmith & Fulham, an itsel conteens a substantial nummer o ceety centre facilities lik major museums an varsities (in "Albertopolis"), depairtment stores lik Harrods, Peter Jones an Harvey Nichols, is hame tae the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's lairgest carnival, an several Embassies in its Belgravia, Knightsbridge an Kensington Gardens destricts. It forby conteens mony o the maist exclusive residential destricts in Lunnon, whilk is forby some o the maist expensive in the warld.

The local authority is Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council. The Ryal borough's slogan is Quam Bonum in Unum Habitare, whilk translates thareaboot as 'Hou guid it is tae dwell in unity'.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The borough wis create in 1965 frae the umwhile boroughs o Kensington an Chelsea. Kensington's Ryal Burgh status wis inherit bi the new borough. The new borough wis oreeginally tae be cried juist 'Kensington' - the inclusion o Chelsea wis locally uphaudit.[2]

Destricts in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea[eedit | eedit soorce]

The burgh includes the auries o:

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the 2001 census, the borough haes a population o 158,919. It is 79% White, 4% Black African an 3% Black Caribbean. 44% o hoosehaulds is awner–occupiers. As o 2004, statistics released[3] bi the Office for National Statistics shaw that life expectancy at birth for females in Kensington an Chelsea wis 84.8 year in 2001-2003, the heichest in the Unitit Kinrick. Male life expectancy at birth for the same period wis 79.8 year, third heichest in the UK. The feegurs for Kensington an Chelsea durin 1991-1993 wis significantly lawer: 73.0 year for males (rankin 301st in the naition) an 80.0 for females (rankin 129t). Faurer investigation, housomeivver, indicates a 12 year gap in life expectancy atween the affluent wards o Chelsea (Ryal Hospital, Hans Town) an the maist northerly wards o North Kensington (Golborne, Dalgarno) whilk is categorised bi heich levels o social hoosin an poverty.

Kensington an Chelsea's affluence is demonstrate bi the fact that it haes the lairgest nummer o heich-earners (ower £60,000) o ony local govrenment destrict in the kintra—16.6%.[4] It haes the heichest nummer o wirkers in the financial sector an the lawest nummer wirkin in the retail sector.

In December 2006, Sport England published a survey whilk revealed that residents o Kensington an Chelsea wis the fowert maist active in Ingland in sports an ither fitness activities. 27.9% o the population pairticipates at least thrice a week for 30 minute.[5]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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