North Kensington

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North Kensington
North Kensington is located in Greater Lunnon
North Kensington
North Kensington
Location within Greater Lunnon
OS grid referenceTQ255795
Ceremonial coontyGreater Lunnon
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounLONDON
Postcode destrictW10, W11
Diallin code020
EU PairlamentLondon
UK Pairlament
Leet o places
51°31′26″N 0°13′11″W / 51.523792°N 0.219598°W / 51.523792; -0.219598Coordinates: 51°31′26″N 0°13′11″W / 51.523792°N 0.219598°W / 51.523792; -0.219598

North Kensington is a aurie o wast Lunnon leein north o Notting Hill Gate an sooth o Harrow Road.

North Kensington is the key neebourheid o Notting Hill. It is whaur maist o the violence o the Notting Hill race riots o 1958 occurred, whaur the Notting Hill Carnival stairtit an whaur maist o the scenes in the film Notting Hill wur shot.

Even the aurie’s main transport hub, Ladbroke Grove tube station, wis oreeginally cried Notting Hill frae its openin in 1864 till 1880, an Notting Hill & Ladbroke Grove atween then an 1919, when it wis renamit Ladbroke Grove (North Kensington). It acquired its current mair simple name in 1938. The aurie wis ance servit bi St. Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubs railwey station an aw, till it closed in 1940.

North Kensington wis ance a aurie weel kent for its slum hoosin, as documentit in the photographs o Roger Mayne, but hoosin prices hae nou risen an the aurie is considered exclusive an upscale.

Waves o immigrants hae arrivit for at least a century includin, but certainly no limitit tae, the Spainyie, the Erse, the Jews, the Wast Indies, the Moroccans an mony frae the Horn o Africae an Eastern Europe. This constant renewal o the population maks the aurie ane o the maist cosmopolitan in the warld.

Tho Ladbroke Grove is the aurie’s main thoroughfare, its best kent street is Portobello Road wi its street mercat.

In 2017 a fire swept throu a block o flats in the aurie, Grenfell Tower, an mony fowk had tae be evacuated.

Crossrail[eedit | eedit soorce]

At a steid juist tae the east o the Old Oak Common steid, Kensington and Chelsea Council haes been pushin for a station at North Kensington / Kensal[1] aff Ladbroke Grove & Canal Way, as a turn-back facility will hae tae be built in the aurie onywey. Sitin it at Kensal Rise, rather than next tae Paddington itsel, wad provide a new station tae regenerate the aurie.[2][3][4] Amangst the general public thare is a huge amoont o support for the project an Mayor Boris Johnson statit that a station wad be addit if it did no increase Crossrail's oweraw cost; in response, Kensington and Chelsea Council greit tae unnerwrite the projectit £33 million cost o a Crossrail station, which wis receivit vera well bi the residents o the Borough.[5] TfL is conductin a feasibility study on the station an the project is backit bi National Grid, retailers Sainsbury's an Cath Kidston, an Jenny Jones (Green Party memmer of the London Assembly).[6]

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