London Borough of Lewisham

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Lunnon Burggh o Lewisham
Lunnon burgh
Coat o airms o Lunnon Burggh o Lewisham
Coat o airms
Offeecial logo o Lunnon Burggh o Lewisham
Cooncil logo
Lewisham shown athin Greater Lunnon
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
Region Lunnon
Ceremonial coonty Greater Lunnon
Status Lunnon burgh
Admin HQ Catford
Incorporatit 1 Aprile 1965
 • Teep Lunnon borough cooncil
 • Bouk Lewisham London Borough Council
 • Leadership Mayor & Cabinet (Labour)
 • Executive mayor Sir Steve Bullock
 • MPs Jim Dowd
Heidi Alexander
Joan Ruddock
 • Lunnon Assembly Len Duvall AM for Greenwich an Lewisham
 • EU Parliament Lunnon
 • Tot 13.57 sq mi (35.15 km2)
Aurie rank 301st (o 326)
Population (mid-2014 est.)
 • Tot 291,933
 • Rank 38t (o 326)
 • Ethnicity[1] 55.7% White Breetish
2.4% White Erse
7.1% Ither White
1.7% White & Black Caribbean
0.7% White & Black African
0.7% White & Asie
1.1% Ither Mixed
2.3% Indie
0.7% Pakistani
0.7% Bangladeshi
1.6% Ither Asie
11.5% Black Caribbean
9.0% Black African
1.9% Ither Black
1.4% Cheenese
1.4% Ither
Time zone GMT (UTC0)
 • Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)
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Polis force Metropolitan Polis

The Lunnon Burgh o Lewisham (Aboot this soond pronunciation ) is a Lunnon burgh in sooth-east Lunnon, Ingland an forms pairt o Inner Lunnon. The principal settlement o the borough is Lewisham. The local authority is Lewisham London Borough Council an it is based in Catford.

The Prime Meridian passes through Lewisham.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Data Management and Analysis Group, Greater London Authority, Demography Update October 2007, (2007)

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