London Borough of Brent

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London Borough of Brent
Lunnon burgh
Coat o airms o London Borough of Brent
Coat o airms
Offeecial logo o London Borough of Brent
Cooncil logo
Motto(s): Forward Together
Brent shown athin Greater Lunnon
Brent shown athin Greater Lunnon
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
Region Lunnon
Ceremonial coonty Greater Lunnon
Status Lunnon burgh
Admin HQ Forty Lane, Wembley
Incorporatit 1 Aprile 1965
 • Teep Lunnon borough cooncil
 • Bouk Brent London Borough Council
 • Leadership Leader & Cabinet (Labour)
 • Mayor Aslam Choudry[1]
 • MPs Barry Gardiner
Glenda Jackson
Sarah Teather
 • Lunnon Assembly Navin Shah AM for Brent an Harrow
 • EU Parliament Lunnon
 • Total 43.24 km2 (16.70 sq mi)
Aurie rank 284t (o 326)
Population (mid-2016 est.)
 • Rank 26t (o 326)
 • Ethnicity[2]

18% White Breetish
4% White Erse
14.3% Ither White
1.4% White & Black Caribbean
0.9% White & Black African
1.2% White & Asie
1.6% Ither Mixed
18.6% Indie
4.6% Pakistani
0.6% Bangladeshi
9.2% Ither Asie
7.6% Black Caribbean
7.8% Black African
3.4% Ither Black
1% Cheenese

2.1% Ither
Time zone GMT (UTC0)
 • Simmer (DST) BST (UTC+1)
Postcodes HA, NW
Aurie code(s) 020
Polis force Metropolitan Polis

The London Borough of Brent (Aboot this soondpronunciation ) is a Lunnon burgh in Northwast Lunnon, Ingland an forms pairt o Ooter Lunnon. The major aurie is Wembley.

It borders Harrow tae the north-wast, Barnet tae the north-east, Camden tae the east an Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, an Kensington and Chelsea tae the sooth, an Wastmeenster tae the sooth-east. Maist o the eastren border is formit bi the Roman road Watling Street, nou the modren A5.

Brent haes a mixtur o residential, industrial an commercial land. Wembley is the major toun o Brent, which is hame tae Wembley Stadium an Wembley Arena.

Brent is in the HA an NW postcode auries. Brent postcodes include: HA0, HA1, HA3, HA9, NW2, NW6, NW9 an NW10.

The Brent Cross shoppin centre is no locatit in Brent, but in the London Borough of Barnet. It takes its name frae the River Brent which runs throu the steid.

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