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London Borough of Camden
Lunnon burgh
Coat o airms o London Borough of Camden
Coat o airms
Offeecial logo o London Borough of Camden
Cooncil logo
Camden shown athin Greater Lunnon
Camden shown athin Greater Lunnon
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
Region Lunnon
Ceremonial coonty Greater Lunnon
Status Lunnon burgh
Admin HQ Toun Haw, Judd Street
Incorporatit 1 Aprile 1965
 • Teep Lunnon borough cooncil
 • Bouk Camden London Borough Council
 • Leadership Leader & Cabinet (Labour)
 • Mayor Cllr Abdul Quadir
 • MPs Frank Dobson
Glenda Jackson
 • Lunnon Assembly Brian Coleman AM for Barnet an Camden
 • EU Parliament Lunnon
 • Total 21.8 km2 (8.4 sq mi)
Aurie rank 317t (o 326)
Population (mid-2016 est.)
 • Rank 68t (o 326)
 • Ethnicity[1]

44% White Breetish
3.2% White Erse
19% Ither White
1.1% White & Black Caribbean
0.8% White & Black African
1.8% White & Asie
1.9% Ither Mixed
2.8% Indie
0.7% Pakistani
5.7% Bangladeshi
4% Ither Asie
1.6% Black Caribbean
4.9% Black African
1.7% Ither Black
2.9% Cheenese

2.3% Ither
Time zone GMT (UTC0)
 • Simmer (DST) BST (UTC+1)
Polis force Metropolitan Polis

The London Borough of Camden is a burgh o Lunnon, Ingland, which forms pairt o Inner Lunnon. The soothren reaches o Camden form a pairt o Central Lunnon. The local authority is Camden London Borough Council.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The burgh wis creatit in 1965 frae the umwhile aurie o the metropolitan burghs o Hampstead, Holborn, an St Pancras, which haed formed pairt o the Coonty o Lunnon.[3] The borough wis named efter Camden Town, which haed gained its name frae Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden in 1795.[4]

Destricts an environs[eedit | eedit soorce]

For a full leet o destricts an neebourheids o Camden, see Leet o destricts in Camden

The aurie is in the northren pairt o the ceety, reachin frae Holborn an Bloomsbury in the sooth tae Hampstead Heath in the north. Neighbourin auries are the Ceety o Wastmeenster an the Ceety o Lunnon tae the sooth, Brent tae the wast, Barnet an Haringey tae the north an Islington tae the east. It covers aw or pairt o the N1, N6, N7, N19, NW1, NW2, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8, EC1, EC2, EC4, WC1, WC2, W1 an W9 postcode auries. It conteens pairts o central Lunnon.

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