Romanie mafia

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Romanie mafia
Foondin location Romanie
Territory Romanie, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Unitit Kinrick, Swaden, Ireland, Italy, Spain.
Ethnicity majority o ethnic Romanies, Aromanians, some Roma fowk
Creeminal activities Airms trokin, arson, Assault, coonterfeitin, Drog trokin, Extortion, Fraud, Human trokin, illegal gamblin, Kidnappin, Murther, prostitution, Racketeerin, Theft.

The Romanie mafia is a term uised for organisit creeme groups based in Romanie an composed o ethnic Romanies. Romanie creeme groups are active in Romanie an in ither European Union kintras, maistly in northren Italy an Spain. They pairticipate in a wide range o creeminal activities rangin frae prostitution an extortion tae drog trokin. In recent years Romanie organisit creeminal groups hae expandit their creeminal activities in the EU.[1]

Structur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Romanie organisit creeminal groups aften operate in sma cells. Despite their apparent autonomous activities these cells are aften pairt o a lairger hierarchical group. These are pyramidal organisations wi strict centralisit control an a clear diveesion o tasks.[1]

Creeminal activities[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Romanie there are some gangs active in a wide range o creeminal activities. Some o these gangs hae expandit their operations tae ither European Union states. Pouerful clans are :

  • The Şteoacă clan frae Bucharest : the clan is considered ane o the lairgest drug gangs in Bucharest. [2]
  • The Duduieni, Caran an Gigi Corsicanu clan : Gigi Corsicanu is the leader o the fans o the Rapid fitbaa club. The Duduianu an Caran clans are allegedly involvit in prostitution, uisury, store an hame robberies, drog trokin. [2]
  • The Ghenosu clan frae Dambovita : The Ghenosu clan seems tae be enjoyin the support o several important fowk in the polis an courts seestems. The Ghenosu clan haes tees wi the Corduneanu clan an wi that o the Cămătaru brithers an is allegedly involvit in drog trokin, pimpin an racketeerin. [2] The Ghenosu clan in particular has expanded its operations into other European countries, mainly Ireland. [3]
  • The Feraru clan : The clan controlled bi Feraru wis the ane which haed a prostitution netwirk in Spain; the leader o the group, Costel Feraru, is currently servin a sax year sentence. [2]
  • The Vasile clan frae Vrancea : The "Lang haired" clan, led bi Tătaru Vasile, specialises in illegal sales o contrabaund cigarettes, uisury an caur trokin. In the same coonty, the group led bi Argint Costică specialises in racketeerin in Romanie an in Italy alike. [2]
  • The Clamparu clan frae Botosani : the leader o the Clămparu clan, nicknamed Cap-de-Porc ("Pighead"), is involvit in the maist dangerous prostitution rings. They are involvit in drog trokin. [4]
  • The Rohozeanu clan frae Arad : The clan o Uţu Rohozeanu, elk-namit "Stephen the Great" or "Vlad Ţepeş", coonts as the biggest an maist violent organisit creeme faction in Wastren Romanie, an awready haes unner his belt a conflict wi anither important clan in the region, the ane controlled bi Claudiu Baderca o Timişoara. In 2009, they wur arrestit bi the authorities, but no for lang. [2]

Romanie gangs control maist o the prostitution in Spain. They hae complete control ower prostitution in Catalonie, Valencie an Murcie. [5]

In Popular Cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The Negrea gang in the videogemme Wheelman is Romanie.
  • In the Punisher series, thare's a Romanie gang namit the "Bulat gang" an aw.

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