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Murther is the unlesum killin, wi malice aforethocht, o anither human, an generally this state o mynd distinguishes murther frae ither forms o unlesum homicide (sic as manslaughter). As the loss o a human bein inflicts enormous grief upon the individuals close tae the victim, as well as the fact that the commission o a murrher is heichlie detrimental tae the guid order athin society, maist societies baith present an in antiquity hae considerit it a maist serious creeme worthy o the hairskest o punishment. In maist kintras, a person convictit o murther is teepically gien a lang preeson sentence, possibly a life sentence whaur permittit, an in some kintras, the daith penalty mey be imposit for sic an act — tho this practice is becomin less common.[1] In maist kintras, thare is no statute o limitations for murther (nae time leemit for prosecutin someane for murther). A person who commits murther is cried a murtherer.[2]

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