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In creeminal law, kidnappin is the takkin awa or transportation o a body against that body's will, uisually tae hauld the body in false impreesonment, a confinement athoot legal authority. This mey be done for ransom or in furtherance o anither creeme, or in connection wi a child custody dispute.

In some kintras such as the Unitit States a lairge nummer o child abductions arise efter separation or divorce when ane parent wishes tae keep a child against the will o the ither or against a court order. In these cases, some jurisdictions dae no consider it kidnappin if the child, being competent, grees.

Namit forms[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Bride kidnappin is a term aften applee'd loosely, tae include ony bride 'abductit' against the will o her parents, even if she is willin tae marry the 'abductor'. It still is traditional amangst certain nomadic fowks o Central Asie. It haes seen a resurgence in Kyrgyzstan syne the faw o the Soviet Union an the subsequent erosion o weemen's richts.[1]
  • Express kidnappin is a method o abduction uised in some kintras, mainly frae Laitin Americae,[2] whare a sma ransom, that a company or faimily can easily pay, is demandit.
  • Tiger kidnappin is takkin a hostage to make a loved one or associate of the victim do something, e.g. a child is taken hostage tae force the shopkeeper tae open the safe. The term oreeginates frae the uisually lang precedin observation, like a tiger does on the proul.

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