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Orkhon Province

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Orkhon Aimag (Mongolie: Орхон аймаг) is ane o the 21 Aimags (provinces) o Mongolie, locatit in the north o the kintra. Its caipital is Erdenet. This Aimag wis cut oot o Bulgan Aimag in 1994, tae form a new entity thegither wi its caipital Erdenet, which haed previously been admeenistrated as a federal municipality.

Admeenistrative Subdiveesion

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Sums o the Orkhon Aimag
The Sums o Orkhon Aimag[1][2]
Sum Mongolian Aurie km² Population
Bayan-Öndör* Баян-Өндөр 208.0 80,858 83,160 86,866 88,046 423.30
Jargalant Жаргалант 635.6 2,733 3,125 3,009 3,166 4.98

* - includes aimag caipital Erdenet


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