Nerkin Getashen

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Nerkin Getashen
The veelage o Nerkin Getashen, October 2009.
The veelage o Nerkin Getashen, October 2009.
Nerkin Getashen is located in Armenie
Nerkin Getashen
Nerkin Getashen
Coordinates: 40°08′45″N 45°15′50″E / 40.14583°N 45.26389°E / 40.14583; 45.26389
1948 m (6,391 ft)
 • Total7,614

Nerkin Getashen (Armenie: Ներքին Գետաշեն, Romanisit as Nerk’in Getashen, Nerkin Getachen, an Nerqin Getashen an aw - meanin "Lawer Getashen"; prior tae 1945, Nerkin Adyaman Nizhniy Adyaman - baith meanin "Lawer Adyaman") is a fishin veelage on the sooth coast o Lake Sevan in Gegharkunik, Armenie. In the early medieval it wis the caipital o the region kent durin that time as Kot.

In the veelage is the 9t century monastery an kirk o Kotavank owerleukin the veelage an the Argitchi River wi a muckle cemetery adjacent. Turkic rune inscriptions are locatit nearbi. Athin the veelage is a ruined basilica cried "Jam" bi the locals wi khachkars biggit intae its waws an aw, an no far awa is a sma shrine. Thare are twa muckle stane forts frae the Middle Ages locatit 2 km tae the east an 3 km the wast o the veelage.

Sooth o Nerkin Getashen lees Verin Getashen (upper Getashen), foondit 1828-29 bi migrants frae Mush an Alashkert.

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