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For the veelage in Tartar Rayon, Azerbaijan, see Seysulan.
Artsvashen Արծվաշեն is locatit in Armenie
Artsvashen Արծվաշեն
Coordinates: 40°38′46″N 45°30′56″E / 40.64611°N 45.51556°E / 40.64611; 45.51556

Artsvashen (Armenie: Արծվաշեն; Azerbaijani: Başkənd), Romanisit as Artzvashen an aw, is an exclave o Armenie's Gegharkunik province which haes been controlled bi the Azerbaijani airmy syne 1992.[1] The offeecial Azerbaijani name for the veelage is Bashkand.[2] Its size is aboot 40 square kilometres, an it is completely surroondit bi the territory o Azerbaijan an haes been controlled bi it syne the Nagorno-Karabakh War. Theday, the veelage is maistly inhabitit bi Azeris as the Azerbaijani airmy expelled its Armenie population efter it seizit the territory.[3] It is nou pairt o Gadabay Rayon.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Mey 1991, the Armenie Interior Meenistry reportit that residents o Artsvashen avertit an airmy occupation bi surrenderin thair airms.[4] Accordin tae New York Times, in 1992 Azerbaijani side annooncit that airmit forces haed "leeberatit" the toun, destroyin enemy tanks an weaponry an killin 300 Armenie "brigands", while Armenie reports mentioned nae deid but said 29 fowk wur "missin athout trace."[5]

Accusin Azerbaijan o muntin an "undeclared war," Armenie Preses Levon Ter-Petrosyan sent a telegram tae leaders o the Commonwalth o Unthirlt States sayin that "aggression haes been committit against a state that is a memmer o the C.I.S. an the seestem o collective security".[5]

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