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For the toun in Syunik province, see Lichk, Syunik.
The veelage o Lichk, October 2009.
The veelage o Lichk, October 2009.
Lichk Լիճք is located in Armenie
Lichk Լիճք
Coordinates: 40°09′49″N 45°13′40″E / 40.16361°N 45.22778°E / 40.16361; 45.22778
 • MayorGnel Grigoryan
 • Total4,459

Lichk (Armenie: Լիճք, Romanisit as Lichk’ an Lichq an aw; umwhile Turkis: Gël an Gyol; aw names meanin "lake") is a veelage locatit sooth o Lake Sevan in the Gegharkunik province o Armenie. Although the veelage wis foondit in 1830, thare are ruins o earlier habitation includin remains o a medieval toun. Thare are the ruins o the early Tsaghkavank which sit adjacent tae the kirk o S. Astvatsatsin. Tsaghkavank owerleuks the toun o Lichk upon a hill, an the portion that remains is a circular cylindrical waw wi a vera sma entry. The kirk o S. Astvatsatsin is a sma basilica wi some broken khachkars an gravestanes embeddit intae its waws. Thare is a 13t century cemetery wi numerous khachkars that sits on the same hill as the twa kirks. Nearbi is a cyclopean fort.

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