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Yellae dot shows whaur Metz is in Fraunce.

Metz (French pronunciation: [mɛs] ( listen); German: [ˈmɛts]) is a ceety in the northeast o Fraunce locatit at the confluence o the Moselle an the Seille rivers.

Metz is the caipital o the Lorraine region an prefectur o the Moselle depairtment. Locatit near the tripoint alang the junction o Fraunce, Germany, an Luxembourg, Metz forms a central place o the European Greater Region an o the SaarLorLux Euroregion. So, Metz is a fellae member o the QuattroPole union o ceeties, alang wi Luxembourg Ceety an German Saarbrücken an Trier.

Celtic oppidum, an important Gallo-Roman ceety, Merovingian caipital o the Austrasie kinrick, birthplace o the Carolingian dynasty, cradle o the Gregorian chant, an ane o the auldest republics o the common era in Europe, Metz haes a rich 3,000 year history. The ceety haes been steeped in Romance cultur, but haes been strangly influenced bi Germanic cultur due tae its location an history. A basin o urban ecology, pioneered unner the leadership o fowk like Jean-Marie Pelt, Metz gained its nickname, The Green Ceety, boastin ower 37 m2 (398 sq ft) o open grund per inhabitant an the ceety's historic dountoun an aa displays ane o the lairgest commercial, pedestrian auries in Fraunce.

Metz possesses ane o the lairgest urban-conservation aurie in Fraunce coverin 162.9 ha (402.53 acres) an aroond 100 biggins o the ceety are classifee'd on the monument historique leet.[1][2] Acause its tremendous historical an cultural backgrund, Metz benefits frae its designation as a toun o airt an history. The ceety is hame tae some warld-class venues such as the Arsenal concert haw, the Centre Pompidou-Metz museum, an the Naitional Opera o Lorraine (alang wi Nancy Opera).[3]

A historical Garrison toun, Metz is the economic hert o the Lorraine region, being specialized in information technology an automotive industries. Metz is an' a' a centre for applee'd research an development in the materials sector notably in metallurgy an metallography, the heritage o the Lorraine region's past in the iron an steel industry.

Internaitional relations

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Metz is a fellae member o the QuattroPole union o ceeties, alang wi Luxembourg, Saarbrücken, an Trier (neighbourin kintras: Luxembourg, Fraunce, an Germany). Metz an aa forms a central place o the Greater Region an o the economic SaarLorLux Euroregion.

Twin touns – Sister ceeties

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Metz is twinned wi:

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Coordinates: 49°07′11″N 6°10′37″E / 49.1197°N 6.1769°E / 49.1197; 6.1769