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Lempäälä (Swadish: Lembois‎) is a municipality in soothwastren Finland wi 20,623 inhabitants (31 Januar 2011). Lempäälä is locatit sooth o the ceety o Tampere. The municipality covers an aurie o 307.07 square kilometres (118.56 sq mi) o which 37.51 km2 (14.48 sq mi) is water.[1] The population density is 76.51 inhabitants per square kilometre (198.2 /sq mi).

The municipality center o Lempäälä is situatit on an isthmus atween the lakes Vanajavesi an Pyhäjärvi which are connectit bi the Kuokkalankoski rapids an the canal o Lempäälä that wis built durin the 1870s an is still in uise.

The first written accoont o parish o Lempäälä is frae 1430. The auldest biggin o the toun is a medieval kirk named efter Saunt Birgitta an wis built in the year 1504.[2] The anerlie remaining airticle frae medieval times in the kirk is a wooden crucifix carved oot o birch.

Finnish novelist Yrjö Kokko lived in Lempäälä, an is buriet in the graveyard.

Ideapark, the seicont lairgest shoppin maw in the Nordic kintras, is locatit in Lempäälä alang the HelsinkiTampere motorwa.

Kuokkala[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kuokkala is a neighbourhuid tae the north o Lempäälä toun which hooses a 'museoraitti' (museum trail). Several biggins nou hoose collections o historical items, includin: a shop museum (an aw a shop an information office), hairdressers & barbers, cobblers, 1939-45 war memorabilia, hoosehauld equipment, blacksmiths, carpenters, a 19t century Finnish dwellin, an a special exhibit relatin tae the ex-Finnish region o Sakkola.[3]

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