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Ylöjärvi (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈyløjærʋi]) is a toun an a municipality in the Finnish region o Pirkanmaa locatit 14 kilometre (9 mi) wast o Tampere.

The toun haes a population o 30,500 (31 Januar 2011) an covers an aurie o 1,324.09 square kilometres (511.23 sq mi) o which 208.62 km2 (80.55 sq mi) is water. The population density is 27.34 inhabitants per square kilometre (70.8 /sq mi). The population haes increased rapidly in recent years, in 1990 it wis slichtly ower 18,000.

Ylöjärvi wis foondit as a municipality in 1869. Stairtin Januar 1, 2004 it is kent as a toun.

The municipality o Viljakkala wis consolidatit wi Ylöjärvi on Januar 1, 2007. The municipality o Kuru wis consolidatit wi Ylöjärvi on Januar 1, 2009.

Tree Muntain[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun is the location o Tree Muntain, Land airt b Agnes Denes. This wirk wis conceived in 1983, an construction wis annoonced bi the Finnish govrenment at the 1992 Earth Summit. Construction wis complete in 1996, an the steid is legally protectit for the next 400 year.[1] Tree Mountain wis dedicatit in June, 1996, bi the Preses o Finland, Martti Ahtisaari.[2]

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