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Orivesi is a toun an a municipality o Finland. It wis foondit in 1865.

It is locatit in the Pirkanmaa region. The municipality haes a population o 9,618 (31 Januar 2011) an covers an aurie o 960.08 square kilometres (370.69 sq mi) o which 160.53 km2 (61.98 sq mi) is watter.[1] The population density is 12.03 indwallers per square kilometre (31.2 /sq mi).

The municipality is unilingually Finnish. The name Orivesi means literally "stallion water".

The municipality o Eräjärvi wis consolidatit wi Orivesi in 1973. A pairt o the municipality o Längelmäki wis consolidatit wi Orivesi in 2007.

Orivesi is maistly kent for its Oriveden Opisto airt schuil. The toun centre o Orivesi is locatit bi the lake Längelmävesi.

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Coordinates: 61°40.5′N 024°21.5′E / 61.6750°N 24.3583°E / 61.6750; 24.3583