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The Jericho Governorate (Arabic: محافظة أريحا‎) is ane o 16 Govrenorates o Palestine (admeenistrative destricts) athin the Palestine. It is locatit alang the eastren auries o the Wast Bank, alang the northren Dead Sea an soothren Jordan River valley borderin Jordan. The Governorate spans wast tae the muntains east o Ramallah an the eastren slopes o Jerusalem, includin the northren reaches o the Judean desert. The population o the Jericho Govrenorate is estimatit tae be 31,501, includin approximately 6,000 Palestinian refugees in the Govrenorate's camps.[1]

Agricultur is important tae the economy in the destrict, especially in the valley near Jericho, its caipital. Jericho is aften considered the auldest conteenous dounset in the warld; its mony historic an archaeological sites attract numerous tourists tae the aurie.

Elishia's Park (cried Elisee's Spring an Ein el-Sultan an aw) is an oasis in the Jericho Destrict that is hame tae orcharts, palm groves, bananae plantations, an ither flora.[2]

On November 7, 1927, a major yirdquauk epicentered near Jericho, which lies on the Great Rift Valley, killed 350 fowk an caused major damage in the Breetish Mandate for Palestine.[3]

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