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North Gaza Govrenorate

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The North Gaza Governorate (Arabic: محافظة شمال غزة‎) is ane o 16 Govrenorates o Palestine in the Gaza Strip which is admeenistered bi the Palestinian National Authority aside frae its border wi Israel, airspace an maritime territory. Accordin to the Palestinian Central Bureau o Statistics, the Govrenorate haed a population o 270,245 (7.2% o the Palestinian population) wi 40,262 hoosehaulds in mid-year 2007 encompassin three municipalities, twa rural destricts an ane refugee camp.[1]

It haes five seats in the Palestinian Legislative Cooncil, in 2006 they wur aw wan bi members o Hamas.

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Coordinates: 31°33′N 34°30′E / 31.55°N 34.5°E / 31.55; 34.5