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This airticle is aboot the dounset. For the loch, see Loch Harku.
Smaw burgh
Harku Manor
Harku Manor
Harku is locatit in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 59°23′11″N 24°34′37″E / 59.38639°N 24.57694°E / 59.38639; 24.57694
Kintra Estonie
Coonty Harju Coonty
Municipality Harku Pairish
First mentioned 1242[1]
Population (2011 Census[2])
 • Tot 868

Harku (German: Hark) is a smaw burgh (Estonie: alevik) in Harku Pairish, Harju Coonty, northren Estonie. As o 2011 Census, the dounset's population wis 868, o which the Estonies wur 539 (62.1%).[2]

Harku wis first mentioned probably in 1242 as Harkua.[1]

The anerly weemen's preeson in Estonie Harku Preeson is locatit in Harku. Politeecian Edgar Savisaar (born 1950) wis born in the preeson.

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