Alu, Estonie

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This airticle is aboot the smaw burgh in Rapla Pairish, Rapla Coonty. For the veelage in Tõstamaa Pairish, Pärnu Coonty, see Alu, Pärnu Coonty.
Alu Manor
Alu Manor
Alu is locatit in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 59°01′25″N 24°45′51″E / 59.02361°N 24.76417°E / 59.02361; 24.76417
CoontyRapla Coonty
MunicipalityRapla Pairish
First mentioned1241[1]
 • Totca 950

Alu is a smaw burgh (Estonie: alevik) in Rapla Pairish, Rapla Coonty, Estonie. It's locatit aboot 3 km (2 mi) northwast o the toun o Rapla. Alu haes a population o ca 950.[2]

Alu wis first mentioned in 1241 as Alafæ veelage in the Danish Census Book.

Alu manor[eedit | eedit soorce]

Alu Manor wis first mentioned in 1409 as Alven (later kent as Allo). The present main building, designed bi Paul Friedrich Wilhelm Alisch, is ane o the best ensaumples o Neo-Gothic style in Estonie. The biggin is surroondit bi a 11 ha pairk wi seiven ponds. Efter the dispossession frae 1923 tae 1955 a local grammar schuil operatit in the main biggin. Syne 1999 it hooses a trainin centre for the Estonie Defence League.[1][3]

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