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This airticle is aboot the dounset. For Estonie masculine gien name, see Jüri (gien name).
Jüri church
Jüri church
Jüri is locatit in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 59°21′17″N 24°53′41″E / 59.35472°N 24.89472°E / 59.35472; 24.89472
CoontyHarju Coonty
MunicipalityRae Pairish
 • Tot3,426

Jüri is a smaw burgh (Estonie: alevik) in Harju Coonty, northren Estonie. It's locatit 12 km (7.5 mi) sootheast o the caipital Tallinn, bi the Tallinn–Tartu road (E263), directly efter the intersection wi Tallinn Ring Road (nr. 11). Jüri is the admeenistrative centre o Rae Pairish. Jüri haes a population o 3,426 as o 1 Januar 2012).[1]

Jüri haes grown oot o twa pairts: the centre o Sommerling kolkhoz (umwhile Rosenhagen Manor) in the wast an construction industrie base wi a residential aurie (umwhile Jüri kirk an veelage) in the east. In the middle thare's a protectit Lehmja aik shaw.[2]

In the 1630s the Rosenhagen Manor (Lehmja syne 1917) wis establisht, nouadays the steid is locatit in wastren Jüri. The day the firthen main biggin is destroyed, several side biggins like the wirkers hoose haes remained.[3]

The earlier Jürgens (Jüri) kirk wis likely locatit in Karla in 1401. The current kirk in Jüri wis built in 1885 on the steid o medieval kirk biggin. Frae 1713 tae 1748, Anton thor Helle, the translator o the first Estonie Bible, wis the pastor in Jürgens.[2]

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population of Jüri[4]
Year 1959 1970 1979 1989 1996 2003 2008 2009
Population 369 535 1210 2589 2627 2507 3050 3250

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