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This airticle is aboot the smaw burgh in Saku Pairish, Harju Coonty. For ither places wi the same name, see Kiisa (disambiguation).
Smaw burgh
Station biggin
Station biggin
Kiisa is locatit in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 59°14′14″N 24°41′14″E / 59.23722°N 24.68722°E / 59.23722; 24.68722
Kintra  Estonie
Coonty Flag of et-Harju maakond.svg Harju Coonty
Municipality Flag of Saku Parish.svg Saku Pairish
Population (2011 Census[1])
 • Tot 713

Kiisa is a smaw burgh (Estonie: alevik) in Saku Pairish, Harju Coonty, Estonie. As o 2011 Census, the dounset's population wis 713.[1]

Kiisa haes a station on the Edelaraudtee's wastren route.

Kiisa is the location o a currently unner construction Kiisa Emergency Reserve Pouer Plant.

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