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Lelle is located in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 58°51′44″N 25°00′24″E / 58.86222°N 25.00667°E / 58.86222; 25.00667
Kintra Estonie
CoontyRaplamaa lipp.svg Rapla Coonty
MunicipalityKehtna volost fl.gif Kehtna Pairish
First mentioned1559
 • Total339

Lelle is a smaw burgh (alevik) in Kehtna Pairish, Rapla Coonty, in central Estonie. It's locatit on the branchin point o Edelaraudtee's TallinnPärnu an Tallinn–Viljandi railwey lines. As o 2011 Census, the dounset's population wis 339.[1]

Lelle Manor wis first mentioned in 1559.

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