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The main biggin o the Vana-Antsla Manor.
The main biggin o the Vana-Antsla Manor.
Vana-Antsla is located in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 57°51′50″N 26°31′24″E / 57.86389°N 26.52333°E / 57.86389; 26.52333
CoontyVõru Coonty
MunicipalityAntsla Pairish
First mentioned1405
 • Total181

Vana-Antsla is a smaw burgh (Estonie: alevik) in Võru County, in sootheastren Estonie, locatit aboot 4 km (2 mi) north o the toun o Antsla. As o 2011 Census, the dounset's population wis 181.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The dounset is situatit aroond the Vana-Antsla knicht manor (Schloß Anzen), first mentioned in 1404. At first it wis biggit as a vassal's stranghauld an belangit tae the Uexküll faimily. The stranghauld wis destroyed durin the 17t century Pols-Swadish an Rousho-Swadish wars. Swadish King Gustav II Adolf gave the manor tae Åke Tott in 1625. In the end o the 17t century the Uue-Antsla (New Antsla) manor (Neu-Anzen) wis detached frae the manor, tharefore the auld ane gained the name Vana-Antsla (Auld Antsla). Efter the Great Northren War the manor wis awned bi the Löwenstern faimily an frae 1883 bi the Ungern-Sternbergs. Efter the Estonie unthirldom in 1919 the manor wis dispossessed like aw the ithers aroond the kintra. The complex haed syne been uised as an agricultural vocational schuil till it wis closed in 2012. Maist o the historical biggins hae survivit, includin the single-storey main biggin frae the 18t century.[2]

Afore 1977 the dounset wis cried Kobela, but wis renamit tae Vana-Antsla when a new smaw burgh 4 km southwest wis creatit an namit Kobela.[3]

The gardner's hoose o the manor.

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