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Laabi is located in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 59°24′20″N 24°34′17″E / 59.40556°N 24.57139°E / 59.40556; 24.57139
CoontyHarju Coonty
MunicipalityHarku Pairish
 • Total88

Laabi is a veelage in Harku Pairish, Harju Coonty in northren Estonie. It's locatit wast o the caipital Tallinn (aboot 11 km (7 mi) frae the ceety centre), ahint the Loch Harku.

The eastren hauf o the veelage's territory is covered bi the Harku limestane rubble quarry. In the wastren pairt thare are several industrial enterprises includin alcohol producer Altia an Tallegg's chicken ferm. Thare's a kairt circuit an aw.

Laabi haes a population o 88 (as o 1 Juin 2010).[1]

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