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Depairtments o Guatemala

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The depairtments o Guatemala

Guatemala is dividit intae 22 [1] depairtments (departamentos):

  1. Alta Verapaz
  2. Baja Verapaz
  3. Chimaltenango
  4. Chiquimula
  5. Petén
  6. El Progreso
  7. El Quiché
  8. Escuintla
  9. Guatemala
  10. Huehuetenango
  11. Izabal
  12. Jalapa
  13. Jutiapa
  14. Quetzaltenango
  15. Retalhuleu
  16. Sacatepéquez
  17. San Marcos
  18. Santa Rosa
  19. Sololá
  20. Suchitepéquez
  21. Totonicapán
  22. Zacapa

In addition, Guatemala haes in the past claimed that aw or pairt o the naition o Belize is a depairtment o Guatemala (as a pairt o the Province o Verapaz), an this claim is sometimes reflectit in maps o the region. Guatemala formally recognized Belize in 1992, but as o this time the remainin border disputes atween the twa naitions head no been resolved. [2]

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