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Depairtments o Honduras

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The Central American naition o Honduras is currently dividit intae 18 depairtments (departamentos). Each depairtment is heidit bi a govrenor, who is appointit bi the Preses o Honduras.

Depairtments o Honduras[eedit | eedit soorce]

Depairtment Depairtment caipital Population (2001) Aurie (km2)[1]
1. Atlántida La Ceiba 344,099 4,251
2. Choluteca Choluteca 390,805 4,211
3. Colón Trujillo 246,708 8,875
4. Comayagua Comayagua 352,881 5,196
5. Copán Santa Rosa de Copán 288,766 3,203
6. Cortés San Pedro Sula 1,202,510 3,954
7. El Paraíso Yuscarán 350,054 7,218
8. Francisco Morazán Tegucigalpa 1,180,676 7,946
9. Gracias a Dios Puerto Lempira 67,384 16,630
10. Intibucá La Esperanza 179,862 3,072
11. Islas de la Bahía Roatán 38,073 261
12. La Paz La Paz 156,560 2,331
13. Lempira Gracias 250,067 4,290
14. Ocotepeque Nueva Ocotepeque 108,029 1,680
15. Olancho Juticalpa 419,561 24,351
16. Santa Bárbara Santa Bárbara 342,054 5,115
17. Valle Nacaome 151,841 1,565
18. Yoro Yoro 465,414 7,939

Population data source: http://www.ine-hn.org/censo2001/p19.pdf Archived 2009-11-13 at the Wayback Machine

Evolution o Honduras's territorial organisation[eedit | eedit soorce]

1825: The constitutional congress convened in that year orders that the state be dividit intae seiven depairtments: Comayagua, Santa Bárbara, Tegucigalpa, Choluteca, Yoro, Olancho, an Gracias (later renamit Lempira).

1834: An extraordinary constitutional assembly reduces the nummer o depairtments tae fower: this attempt fails tae prosper, an the 1825 diveesion remains in force.

1869: Congress orders the creation o the depairtments o La Paz (broken awa frae Comayagua), El Paraíso (frae Tegucigalpa an Olancho), Copán (frae Gracias), an La Mosquitia (frae Yoro).

1872: A depairtment cried Victoria is ordered tae be split frae Choluteca, but this niver comes intae effect. Islas de la Bahía depairtment is foondit (the islands wur cedit tae Honduras bi the Unitit Kinrick in 1860).

1881: Pairts o Yoro an La Mosquitia are separatit tae form Colón depairtment.

1883: Intibucá depairtment is formit frae sections o La Paz an Gracias.

1893: Valle depairtment (split frae Choluteca) an Cortés depairtment (split frae Santa Bárbara) are creatit.

1902: Pairts o Yoro an Colón are taken tae form the new depairtment o Atlántida.

1906: Ocotepeque depairtment is creatit bi dividin the territory o Copán.

1957: Colón is dividit in twa tae create Gracias a Dios depairtment.

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