Chimaltenango Depairtment

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Chimaltenango is a depairtment o Guatemala. The caipital is Chimaltenango. Locatit tae the east are the depairtments o Guatemala, hame tae Guatemala Ceety, an Sacatepéquez, while bordered bi the depairtments o El Quiché an Baja Verapaz tae the north an aw, Escuintla an Suchitepéquez tae the sooth, an Sololá tae the wast. The caipital o Chimaltenango is locatit aboot 54 kilometers awa frae Guatemala Ceety.

Population estimate for Chimaltenango Depairtment in 2000 wis 448,000 fowk. The majority o the fowk in the depairtment are o Cakchiquel Maya strynd. The depairtment haes an aurie o 1,979 km².

In addition tae the ceety o Chimaltenango, the depairtment contains the touns o Santa Apolonia (kent for its ceramics), San Juan Comalapa, an Patzún (kent for its elaborate Corpus Christi celebrations in Juin). Chimaltenango is hame tae the Maya ceevilization ruins o Iximché an Mixco Viejo an aw, in addition tae mony smawer steids.

Thare are several humanitarian aid groups that provide services in Chimaltenango. Chimaltenango is the hame o the Rose Education Foundation an aw, a group which wirks tae provide heich quality education opportunities for native Guatemalan childer.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Acatenango
  2. Chimaltenango
  3. El Tejar
  4. Parramos
  5. Patzicía
  6. Patzún
  7. Pochuta
  8. San Andrés Itzapa
  9. San José Poaquil
  10. San Juan Comalapa
  11. San Martín Jilotepeque
  12. Santa Apolonia
  13. Santa Cruz Balanyá
  14. Tecpán Guatemala
  15. Yepocapa
  16. Zaragoza

The depairtment abbreviation is CMT.

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