Jutiapa Depairtment

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Jutiapa is a depairtment o Guatemala that borders alang El Salvador an the Paceefic Ocean. The caipital is the ceety o Jutiapa. It haes a population o aboot 400,000, primarily o European an Indigenous extractions. The population is ethnically "ladinos" or "mestizos" (i.e. no Indians) in its majority. Jutiapa is the anerlie depairtment in Guatemala whose offeecial leid is Spainyie, wi nae indigenous indwallers. The depairtment is dividit intae seiventeen municipalities. Jutiapa is the kintra's sootheastmaist department. The main crops are sorghum, tobacco, ingan an corn. The climate is dry. An important attraction is the cattle fair. It is at 405 m abuin sea level.

The coat o airms contains the cornucopia seembolisin Jutiapa as the barn o the East, supplyin Guatemala wi maist o the grain consumit bi the fowk. The horse an the cow represent the cattle; the beuks staund for educational an cultural advances. In the backgrund sits La Cruz hill, the firm guardian o the depairtmental chief toun, wi the touer or antenna o a Jutiapa radio station. Ahint the hill float the clouds, the sky an the sun o Jutiapa, "The Sun Ceety". This coat o airms is placit on the banner atween twa laurel branches seembolisin the daily triumphs o the sons o Jutiapa. The banner is mainly white, showin in its centre the coat o airms adaptit an adroned, atween twa laurel branches.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Agua Blanca
  2. Asunción Mita
  3. Atescatempa
  4. Comapa
  5. Conguaco
  6. El Adelanto
  7. El Progreso
  8. Jalpatagua
  9. Jerez
  10. Jutiapa
  11. Moyuta
  12. Pasaco
  13. Quezada
  14. San José Acatempa
  15. Santa Catarina Mita
  16. Yupiltepeque
  17. Zapotitlán

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