De Pinte

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Location o De Pinte in East Flanders

De Pinte is a municipality locatit in the Belgian province o East Flanders. Afore its existence as an independent municipality in 1868, De Pinte wis a pairt o Nazareth. The municipality comprises the touns o De Pinte proper an Zevergem. On Januar 1, 2006 De Pinte haed a total population o 10,235. The total area is 17.98 km² which gives a population density o 569 inhabitants per km².

De Pinte is bordered bi Sint-Martens-Latem in the northwast, Ghent in the north, Merelbeke in the east, Gavere in the sooth an Nazareth in the soothwast.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name o the municipality is issued frae an inn, which wis cried "Het Pijntken", which wis situatit in the actual Pintestraat 69, an which wis firstly uised as the name o the municipality when it became independent o Nazareth on 2 Juin 1868 an it wis cried 'Little Nazareth" at that time. At the end o the 19t century mony horticultural companies came in this aurie an further on in the 20t century, they wur aw parceled oot. De Pinte became an' a' a train station atween Ghent an Kortrijk (as frae 1839) an Ghent-Oudenaarde (as frae 1857).

The colours o De Pinte are red an white. The flag can be described as semi-red an semi-white, wi a shield an three aicht-pointit starns o gowd (2:1), next tae twal siller blocks(4:1:7). The ratios are 2:3.

Centres[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1977 the umwhile communities o De Pinte an Zevergem wur joined tae a new municipality De Pinte. The whimsical sooth border o the municipality wis straightened bi bundary adjustments till the Schelde. De Pinte haes mair indwallers than Zevergem, but when it comes tae surface baith communities are amaist equally lairge. The Oudenaardse Steenweg (N60) is generally considered tae be the boarder atween the twa municipalities.

Name Surface Inhabitants
De Pinte 8,85 km²
Zevergem 9,13 km²
Total 17,98 km² (2009) 10.227 (01/01/2010)

The community haes boarders at the follaein communities:

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The mayor o De Pinte is Martin Van Peteghem. He's the heid o a college o Maire an Aldermen o the poleetical pairties CD&V an Open VLD.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The N60 (Oudenaardse Steenweg) crosses the community o De Pinte. It gives, bi means o the exit 8 (Zevergem/De Pinte) an immediate connection tae the Heich-gate A14/E17. The railway station o De Pinte gives an immediate connection wi Brussels, Kortrijk, De Panne, Ronse an Ghent.

Events[eedit | eedit soorce]

Each year the cyclin tour Sneukeltoer is organised in De Pinte, which haes an attendance o aboot 2300 cyclers. The benefits o this action go tae Kom op tegen kanker (an action for the benefits o the treatment o cancer). An annual muisic festival, ane o the lairgest in East-Flanders, Zeverrock, is organised in the destrict Zevergem.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The community o De Pinte is being crossed bi the Oudenaardsesteenweg (N60) which gives direct connection tae the heich-gate A14/E17. The railway station o De Pinte gives direct connection tae Brussels, Kortrijk, De Panne an Ghent.

Well-kent (umwhile) inhabitants o De Pinte/Zevergem[eedit | eedit soorce]

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