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Location o Berlare in East Flanders

Berlare is a municipality locatit in the Belgian province o East Flanders. The municipality comprises the touns o Berlare proper, Overmere an Uitbergen. On 1 Januar 2006 Berlare haed a total population o 14,092. The total aurie is 37.82 km² whilk gies a population densitie o 373 indwallers per km². The current mayor o Berlare is Karel De Gucht, frae the Leeberal pairty VLD, an aa European Commissioner for Trade. Donkmeer, a lairge loch, is locatit here.

Bareldonk chapel

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Coordinates: 51°01′12″N 4°00′22″E / 51.02°N 4.006°E / 51.02; 4.006