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Melle, Belgium

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Location o Melle in East Flanders

Melle is a municipality locatit in the Belgian province o East Flanders. The municipality comprises the veelages o Gontrode an Melle proper. On Januar 1, 2006, Melle haed a total population o 10,585. The total aurie is 15.21 km² which gives a population density o 696 inhabitants per km².

Melle is awready being mentioned in documents o the year 830, although the aircheological fyndins pruive the region wis inhabitit lang afore that date.

The name Melle haes twa possible meanins: The Celtic wird Melina means Broun Water, on the ither side the prehistoric name Melinos means Honey Yellae.

The veelage Melle consists o three regions: Melle-Centre, Melle-Vogelhoek an Gontrode (syne the fusion in 1976).

Ane o its famous products is the Delirium Tremens beer, bottled bi the Huyghe brewery. This beer is exportit warldwide an haes been electit as "Best beer in the warld" in 1998 at the Warld Beer Championships in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Miss Belgium 2000, Joke Van De Velde grew up an went tae heich schuil in Melle.

The College van de paters Jozefieten, foondit in 1837 bi canon Constant Van Crombrugghe is kent aw aroond the kintra. At this schuil different Belgian an internaitional celebrities went tae schuil (e.g. Cédric Van Brantegem (runner), a brither o Princess Mathilde, ...). This wis the first schuil in Belgium whaur a commercial science an an industrial science course wur affered. An Erse student brocht alang a fitbaa in 1863. This wis the first fitbaa tae reach the European continent.

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Coordinates: 51°00′N 3°48′E / 51°N 3.8°E / 51; 3.8