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Location o Buggenhout in East Flanders

Buggenhout is a municipality in the Belgian province o East Flanders in the Denderstreek. The municipality comprises the touns o Buggenhout proper, Briel, Opdorp, an Opstal. On Januar 1, 2011 Buggenhout haed a tot population o 14,167. The tot aurie is 25.25 square kilometres, whit gies a population density o 561 indwallers per square kilometre. The current mayor o Buggenhout is Tom Van Herreweghe, frae the (local) NCD pairty.

Buggenhout is the geometrical centre o Flanders: Gin ye tak a cairdboard cut-oot o Flanders, an balance it on a needle whaur Buggenhout is, the hale cut-oot wad be in balance.

Buggenhout is an aa kent for its forest, the "Buggenhout Bos", that is the lairgest forest o East Flanders.

Buggenhout haes twa breweries, Bosteels (kent for the "Tripel Karmeliet", "Deus" (a champagne beer), "Kwak") an De Landtsheer (kent for "Malheur").

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

The modren name "Buggenhout" stems frae the Middle Dutch "Bucghenhout" that on its turn stems frae the Auld Dutch "Bukenholt". Buken comes frae Proto-Germanic *bokjon (Modren Dutch: beuken, Auld Inglis: becen (beechs)), holt frae *hulta (Modren Dutch: hout (bos), Auld Inglis: holt (forest)). Thegither, thay wad form "Beukenhout" or "Beech forest". Buggenhout is still kent for its forest "Buggenhoutbos" (Buggenhout forest).

Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 51°00′55″N 4°12′08″E / 51.01526°N 4.20226°E / 51.01526; 4.20226